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Team Building with Art!

Looking to motivate and re-energize your team?

Unleash your creativity while socializing with your corporate team, clients, friends, donors …

Mishkalo’s widely popular art experiences guarantee a fun-filled session of creative socialization and team building like no other. Suitable for corporate parties, team-building, business development, fund raising, bridal showers, social gatherings or any other occasion you can imagine!

Hear from our clients …

“We had a team building event that included people in San Francisco and Melbourne, Australia! Great fun to be together while creating our masterpieces. The paints were high quality, instruction was easy to follow and the artist was fun to engage with. Thank you!”

Darcy W.


“… what our international team liked about the event was the active participation of people of different ages and levels. Some from abroad were conscious of their English but worked comfortably with very senior executives. There are no winners or losers and everybody had something good to show …”

Ashley R.


“It was a great event, loved that we were given painting supplies and clear setup instructions. We could come up with a reasonably good painting in the given amount of time. The chocolates were delicious too!

Saba C.


more client reviews …


How does it work?


About the event

1. Contact us to schedule your event.

2. Choose from one of our packages below or we can custom create a package for you.

3. Our packages range from $35 to $300 per person. Everyone will receive all supplies delivered to their door.

4. Internationally dispersed group? No problem. We handle all the logistics.

At the event
  1. The event can be purely Virtual,  Hybrid or Onsite (Chicago only).

2. At the event, one of our artists will guide your team to create a work of art with step-by-step instructions.

3. The events will provide ample time for creative fun and socialization.

4. Everyone will create a unique and memorable keepsake while working together as a team.


Our packages


Don’t think you can draw or paint? You’ll be surprised at what you can do. Led by Mishkalo’s experienced artists, you’ll create an artwork you’ll be proud to call yours. Our packages are designed to be relaxing, fun and non-competitive.



Sketch & Sip

30-45 minutes of sketching with instructions by a professional artist. Suitable for very large groups. BYOB.



Canvas & Sip

60 minutes of painting with step-by-step instructions by our artist. Includes canvas, paints and brushes. BYOB.


Canvas & Cookies

60 minutes of painting instruction from our artist, all art supplies and a box of artisan pastries and cookies!


Canvas & Coldbrew

60 minutes of painting instruction from our artist, all art supplies and a variety of ready-to-drink cold brew artisan coffees.


Canvas & Cocktail

60 minutes of painting instruction from our artist, all art supplies, and a variety of cocktail mixes. Add your favorite liquor!


Canvas & Hot Chocolate

Create a fun painting while sipping gourmet hot chocolate.

60 minutes of painting instruction from our artist, all art supplies, and artisan Hot Chocolate mix.


Monet & Merlot

Make an impression! Experience a magical place and time in history and recreate Monet’s world- famous water lilies as you savor a premium French merlot.

90 minutes of painting instruction, all art supplies and a bottle of premium merlot.


Painting, Pinot & Popcorn

Create a fun painting while sipping a premium pinot with artisan popcorn.

60 minutes of painting instruction, all art supplies, a bottle of Pinot Noir and a variety of Artisan Popcorn.


New Events

Colors & Cabernet

Create a fun Fall landscape painting, while sipping Cabernet Sauvignon.

60 minutes of painting instruction, all art supplies, a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon.


Sunset & Sangria

Paint a beautiful Sunset guided by a professional artist while sipping some delicious Sangria shipped directly to your location.

An experienced artist will guide you through a painting, giving step-by-step instructions, while a professional Host will moderate and entertain you with fun seasonal Ice-breakers, Trivia and Facts.  A truly memorable and interactive experience for your team


Hokusai & Matcha Tea Ceremony

Learn about Japanese culture and art. We will teach you how to prepare Matcha tea in the Japanese style and paint a real Katsushika Hokusai (a world-famous Japanese painter and printmaker) painting, guided by a host and a professional artist.

Includes three shipments:
– Matcha tool set with a whisk (Chasen), traditional scoop (Chashaku), and tea sifter
– Ceremonial grade  premium Matcha tea powder
– Premium Art kit


Check out our very unique Cartoon & Comedy Package!

Sample paintings for your event